Financial Wellness Benefits Program

Financial wellness is a state of being in which you can meet current and future financial obligations, feel secure in your financial future and make choices that let you enjoy life. Financial wellness can also reduce preoccupation with money needs and improve your mental and physical well-being.

Louisiana Housing Authority noticed employees across the state are increasingly concerned and stressed about their financial situations – a trend that has escalated by the COVID-19 pandemic – and negatively affecting employees’ health, family, and daily work productivity.

Financial Wellness is extremely important to the health and productivity of Louisiana’s employees and their families, especially amid and post the pandemic. When living expenses and debts are looming and there isn’t enough money to take care of those expenses, stress, and tension quickly become a factor.

Therefore, LHA embraced and adopted an Employee Financial Wellness Initiative & Benefits Program to help aid in bringing awareness and provide expert financial & responsible homeownership education to employers for their employees.

We believe our Financial Wellness Initiative & Benefits Program is a GREAT FREE add-on to employers’ current benefits package (i.e. health, vision, dental, and retirement). 

  • Many employers know first-hand just how tight the labor market truly is.
  • This makes recruiting and retention a top concern.
  • Employers have noticed employees across the country are increasingly concerned and stressed about their financial & living situations – a trend that has escalated by the COVID-19 pandemic – and negatively affecting employees’ engagement and daily work productivity.

A survey conducted by John Hancock Financial (JHF) shows the prevalence of stress has doubled since the beginning of the pandemic. JHF went on to point out that currently, 2/3 of American employees feel financial stress, with 27% feeling “high levels” of financial stress. 

Because of COVID-19 pandemic, American employees now:

  • 19 percent: Have increased credit card balances to meet monthly expenses
  • 28 percent: Use money from their emergency savings account to meet monthly expenses
  • 35 percent: Feel that their financial situation is fair or poor

When asked what could help, three-quarters of those surveyed stated that an employer-sponsored financial wellness program would certainly help their financial stress levels. 

LHA’s Financial Wellness Benefits Program helps Employers offer competitive benefits packages to attract & retain top talent, enhance employee benefits & productivity, and enhance employee engagement — At No Additional Cost to Employers or Employees. We are not selling anything; we simply provide real financial, real estate, and responsible homeownership education virtually or in person.

LHA helps employers address financial stress by providing convenient financial wellness lunch & learns, workshops, webinars, and online tools — At No Additional Cost (i.e. this is a free add-on benefit).

As a result of our expert guidance and clear action plan, we’ve helped many people attain home loans to achieve their dream of homeownership and financial security through Geneva Financial. Employees feel empowered, they feel determined, they feel inspired and educated on personal finances and the home buying process powered by our human experience.

How To Get Started

The first step to learning more about our “Employee Financial Wellness Initiative and Benefits Program” is to schedule a free phone consultation with one of our financial educators. Contact us today at (504) 356-9100.