100% Financing Heroes Housing Initiative and Benefits Program



While celebrating accomplishments through our housing advocacy program, LHA also celebrates everyday heroes who work tirelessly to keep our communities and us safe and educated.

LHA is committed to our everyday HEROES.​ In addition to VA Home Loans, our mortgage lender partner Geneva Financial offers Louisiana’s HEROES housing benefits, which may provide 3.5% to 5% in down payment assistance for qualifying heroes.

Qualifying heroes include, but are not limited to current and former firefighters, paramedics, EMTs, law enforcement, and all other first responders. All ranks of active military, reserves, and veterans of the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. All nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals. Also, Pre-K, elementary, secondary, and post-secondary educators, teachers, professors, and education administrative staff.

As a result of our expert guidance and clear action plan, we’ve helped many people attain home loans to achieve their dream of homeownership and financial security through Geneva Financial. Our homebuyers feel empowered, determined, inspired, and educated on the home buying process and their home loan strategy powered by our human experience.

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HFH’s mission is to provide extraordinary savings to heroes who provide extraordinary services to our communities every day.

Since 2009, Homes for Heroes, Inc., has helped over 48,000 heroes save over $86 million on their real estate transactions, sold over $12 billion in real estate to heroes, actively partnered with more than 4,200 like-minded real estate and mortgage professionals who’ve joined in the mission and donated over $977,000 to heroes in need through the Homes for Heroes Foundation.

Homes for Heroes, Inc. is the largest nationwide network of affiliate real estate, mortgage, and local business specialists; committed to providing easy ways for heroes to save on a home. Shortly after 9/11, Homes for Heroes, Inc. was established to give back to firefighters, EMS, law enforcement, military (active, reserves & veterans), healthcare professionals, and teachers for all they do.

The Experience - Homes for Heroes

Connect with one of Louisiana Housing Authority’s mortgage specialist partners today to maximize how much you save on a home. Your job is to help others. Our job is to help you. From your first day on the job through retirement, when you’re ready to consider buying or refinancing a home we will help you get it done and save you money.

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