About Louisiana Housing Authority

Interview on “Knew Amsterdam International Radio & Video Podcast” with LHA’s Executive Director and Geneva Financial’s Corporate Mortgage Branch Manager, Randy Chambliss.

Louisiana Housing Authority: Interview On Knew Amsterdam Podcast With Randy Chambliss, Exe. Dir.

Our Results

As a result of our expert guidance and clear action plan, we’ve helped many people attain home loans to achieve their dream of homeownership and financial security through Geneva Financial. Our homebuyers feel empowered, determined, inspired, and educated on the home buying process and their home loan strategy powered by our human experience..

Mission & Vision Statements

Mission: Our mission is to increase homeownership, prevent foreclosures, and reduce homelessness in Louisiana.

Vision: Our vision is to be the most most sought-after home buyer’s resource provider in Louisiana.

A Little Bit More About Us

Louisiana Housing Authority (LHA) is not a governmental agency. LHA is a state registered trade name of Chambliss Homes, LLC. LHA is a private trusted housing advocate initiative and resource provider.

Core Values (4 C’s): Our core values are built on truth and justice because we focus on doing things right. We will engage in no transaction that will not benefit all whom it affects. They are non-negotiable, unwavering core principles and standards we are committed to.

Culture: We’ve created a culture of “Being a Good Human” through caring that extends deep into the hearts of the communities we serve.

Caring: With compassion, we concentrate on meeting the needs of the people we serve.

Community: We aspire to manifest safe, vibrant, sustainable communities in Louisiana.

Collaborative Support: We are committed to collaborating with our community partners, supporters, volunteers, and real estate service providers to carry out our mission.

Executive Team

Randy Chambliss (NMLS# 145175) is the Executive Director of Louisiana Housing Authority, Corporate Mortgage Branch Manager with Geneva Financial, Real Estate Developer, Financial Educator, Speaker, and Co-Host of The MortgageWISE Radio Show and Video Podcast.

Mr. Chambliss comes from being an at-risk youth growing up in the city of New Orleans, struggling teenage father, being homeless in 2005 doing Hurricane Katrina to buying his first home and investment property in 2006 (at the young age of 26) to building and managing a multi-million dollar financial & real estate organization.

As an established real estate and mortgage expert, Mr. Chambliss has become a trusted housing advocate in the communities he serves. He is a proud husband and father, so he firmly believes that a strong relationship with the Most High God and family are the most important parts of his life. In addition, he believes that mindset development, financial education, and homeownership, can be an essential part of building generational wealth. 

Mr. Chambliss has been a licensed Mortgage Loan Originator since 2008, so he has been around the real estate and mortgage industry and is well versed in all the changes that have come and gone.

Veronica Chambliss (NMLS #624877) is the Director of Housing with Louisiana Housing Authority, Corporate Mortgage Branch Manager with Geneva Financial, Multi-Million Dollar Producing Realtor at Achieve Realty, Real Estate Developer, Financial Educator, and Co-Host of The MortgageWISE Radio Show and Video Podcast.

Mrs. Chambliss’ extraordinary story of transforming her own life from a struggling single mom of two to leading a multi-million dollar financial and real estate organization is the inspiration behind her bold mission to teach others that it is possible to do the same if they believe and put in the work.

Mrs. Chambliss has been in the financial industry since 2007 and has built trusted relationships with clients and her personal sphere of influence. She came from being a struggling single mom to discovering her passion for mortgages and real estate. Her focus is to win for her clients, make them happy, and to create a fun, easy, and stress-free buying or selling process. If you’re ready to buy or sell, you can count on her for candid advice and professional service.

T. Denis Washington is the Director of Community Development with Louisiana Housing Authority, Broker and Owner of Achieve Realty, President of the New Orleans Chapter of the NAREB, Certified HUD Housing Counselor, and Educator.

Ms. Washington has been a Real Estate Professional since 2003.

After purchasing her first residential home at the youthful age of 19 then elevating to investment properties at the age of 21, T. Denise Washington has personally experienced and overcame the obstacles and hardships occurring through obtaining and maintaining homeownership. She is motivated to assist and educate others on acquiring real estate and building generational wealth. T. Denise Washington’s personal and professional experiences have embodied her skills to facilitate counseling, educational and acquisition services including pre-purchase, purchase, post-purchase, non-delinquency, default resolution, and real estate investment. Her reputation throughout her life is positively impacting lives by devoting her time, resources, and energy towards developing caring relationships, educating, and assisting her clients every step of the way.

Why Should You Work With Us?

LHA is carefully aligned with trusted industry-leading mortgage specialists, realtors, housing counselors, and other real estate service providers to offer their services, resources, and expert guidance to cultivate the best human housing experience in Louisiana.

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